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Costa Verde’s history: How a great company is born

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Costa Verde is, nowadays, amongst the best porcelain production factories in the world, by equipping, with its pieces, the best hotels and restaurants.

Generally, big companies start off small and, thanks to their effort and a number of favorable circumstances, they grow over the years. Costa Verde‘s history is different: this company was born to be big and has not stopped evolving.


Costa Verde: A unique company in the whole world

The year of 1992 sets the beginning of Costa Verde‘s history. The creation of this company resulted from the union between distribution and production in the same industrial enterprise, giving rise to a project of enormous dimension.

Right from the start, this cooperation was something unprecedented in this sector and Costa Verde’s production unit was the first to be installed in Vagos Industrial Area, in the district of Aveiro.

By having been through a long journey, Costa Verde has overcome several difficulties and, nowadays, this production unit is one of the most modern across the European Union’s space. With an area of 60,000 sqm and 360 employees, Costa Verde continues to grow, looking towards the future.


Porcelain, the outcome of centuries of history

Ceramics and porcelain have been part of man’s history since ancient times. In archaeological excavations it is frequent to find ceramic pieces, which proves this fact. In the 7th century, it appears, in China, a material rising from the high temperature firing of two mineral raw materials: kaolin and feldspar. Porcelain is, thus, born.

Nowadays, translucency, hardness and whiteness are distinctive characteristics of this material. Over time, manufacturing processes have been improved and quartz and clay have been introduced into its composition.

The result is in sight. Costa Verde’s porcelain pieces stand out by their beauty, soft touch and high resistance. Thanks to its high quality, 70% of the company’s production is aimed at the international market, by being present across more than 50 locations, around the world.


Costa Verde: Innovation towards the future

Innovation has always been present in Costa Verde, not only when it was established, but also along the way. Many obstacles have been overcome through its founders’ determination, but modernity has never been questioned.

In 2003, at a time when porcelain services’ pieces were traditionally round, Costa Verde launches the Duo collection. This bold collection came to combine round, oval and square pieces in the same collection. It was this collection, comprising more than 70 pieces, which has opened many doors to Costa Verde, across the demanding international markets.

Today, at a time when many companies are struggling with the need to diversify their ways of getting closer to the consumer, Costa Verde reinvents itself again. With a new website, the online shop is launched, where it is possible to know and, easily, buy all the pieces of their collections.


Costa Verde’s history is made up from many hard-work, innovation and dedication. Discover the quality of Costa Verde’s porcelain pieces and bring more refinement to your table, both in everyday life and in the most special events.





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