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The perfect table for entertaining guests

First, you must understand what you want to offer your guests, for lunch or dinner. After that issue is resolved and well thought out in your head, it’s time to start thinking about other issues, especially if you’re going to be hosting a lot of people.

Remember that the appearance of the table itself will help to make an even more inviting meal. Here are some tips to keep in mind when decorating your table!


Your personal touch and imagination play big roles in this part. It is possible to design something sophisticated and elegant while adding a little dash of your personality! So your special touch is needed. To feel inspired and connected with your own creativity, you can always search the internet to find out what you really like and what speaks to you.

Choose a table service that seems ideal and that meets your style, allowing you to prepare delicious and harmonious gastronomic creations. Check the Costa Verde collections and see what you enjoy the most!


In fact, even if you want an elegant table, when it comes to a dinner/lunch with more people than usual, it is important to take into account the practicality of the table. It should be functional, without too many props, so that accidents do not happen. Opt for practical and simple elements, cutlery, glasses, and the necessary plates. For these times, the simpler the better.

Bet on a good porcelain service, but give priority to the most neutral and easy-to-use decor, from the glasses (go for the most practical), to the choice of tablecloths. You can follow some etiquette rules, but keep functionality in mind!

The trends

If you are the type of person who seeks to keep up with trends, it is necessary to take into account the colours of the elements, as well as the textures. If you are in a warmer or more Spring-like environment, it is probably best to bet on beige tone cloths, and transparent glasses, adding lightness to the table.

If the environment is cooler, then dark green or brown-tone cloths, with lighter napkins but within the same tones, can provide you and your guests with a more cosy ambiance. If not, use the style that feels best to you!

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