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Simplicity can make good plating

After all, the famous phrase “a feast for the eyes” is very true. The University of Oxford did a study and concluded that people do eat with their eyes, and are willing to pay more for dishes that look more appealing.

The truth is that a dish that has a bad presentation will be much less appealing than a dish with a good presentation, including the arrangement of ingredients, as well as the type of plates used. It doesn’t matter at first glance which one is the tastiest, because before tasting it, there’s no way to perceive it, so the appearance will determine the choice.

Try to find the perfect harmony between the elements that make up the dish. Pay attention to the way you arrange each portion, the way you place the sauces and all the other components that are part of it..without forgetting the dish itself.

The chosen porcelain makes all the difference and, sometimes, can even be key, when, visually, the food is simpler. Focus on creating a good composition, giving a little more prominence to one of the elements on the plate and taking into account all the other issues mentioned.

Regarding the choice of the plate that will carry the food, if you are still new to plating, we advise choosing simpler porcelains, with less strong features and lighter colours, but with refinement!

So it will be difficult to fail. Costa Verde offers several more simplistic style ranges, such as the Saturn Coupe or Agma, also simple, but with a very plain pop of colour, which gives a good touch.

Speaking of harmony, it’s important to have a certain consistency between colours, textures and between everything that will be part of the meal. Also remember to properly balance, depending on your needs, the number of vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates.

In the end, don’t forget to add your magic touch, don’t leave your imagination and creativity aside. Practice!

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