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Popular saints festivities: decorate your home to perfection!

Santos Populares is coming, it’s one of the most fun times of the year as they manage to add even more joy to the Summer. After two years of restrictions due to the pandemic, enjoy this relaxing moment in which we find ourselves, and celebrate in the best way, with traditional food, traditional decor and an even more Portuguese atmosphere. If you’re a fan of these festivities and celebrate them every year, then this article is for you: we’ll help you get inspired for the season, starting from home.

The decoration

The triangular flags and hanging paper balloons are two essential elements to brighten up the space and make it fit the style of Santos Populares, they are indispensable in any festival, whether indoors or outdoors, you can place these decorations wherever you want. But don’t forget to put them by the window at least! Anyone who passes by will know that the party is about to begin!

Don’t forget one of the most important things: the iconic basil! It is undoubtedly the most special plant of these dates dedicated to Popular Saints, so start saving a little space for this essential element that has such a delightful smell! There are also paper wreaths shaped like basil if you prefer to represent the plant in this way.

Mealtime counts too!

When it’s time to eat sardines and a very fresh salad, or a delicious bifana (whatever you feel like, actually), you can also set the table styled to the Popular Saints theme, just add touches of joy with brightly coloured tableware, like the ones from the “Rustico” collection by Costa Verde, don’t worry about the damage, it’s porcelain – it can handle all of your family and friends good mood!

Don’t forget to complete your table with a clay jug, the typical sangria is a must on your table, and pieces made from clay feed the spirit of the Popular Saints.

Bright coloured pillows

In addition to adding even more joy to your space this season, colourful pillows on a more neutral sofa will immediately remind you of Summer, so it ends up being a 2 in 1! Summer calls for a light and fun atmosphere, just like the Santos Populares parties.

If you want to add even more life to your home, you can choose to lay out rugs that match the bright colours on the pillows, it may not seem like it, but often a good coloured rug can make all the difference!

Did you like these ideas? Be creative! Enjoy the festivities!

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