Maturity and boldness

Its caramel colour conveys sobriety, sophistication and robustness, which, combined with its glaze’s reactive elements, surprises by its touch. The boldness of its texture contrasts with its less humorous denomination, but at the same time harmonious and demanding detail. Each piece is like a work of art, thus inviting us into contemplating and appreciating porcelain’s delicateness.


Pieces of the Grumpy Collection

Plate Coupe 24cm

6,81 inclui IVA

Plate Coupe 21cm

5,93 inclui IVA

Plate Coupe 16cm

4,77 inclui IVA

Plate Coupe 26 cm

7,80 inclui IVA

Plate Coupe 28cm

8,70 inclui IVA

Plate Coupe 32cm

17,07 inclui IVA

Gourmet Plate 18cm

6,38 inclui IVA

Deep Plate 29cm

12,56 inclui IVA

Coupe Deep Plate 29cm

11,58 inclui IVA

Bowl 15 h9cm

10,08 inclui IVA

Gourmet Plate 25cm

8,07 inclui IVA

Bowl 12 h6cm

5,87 inclui IVA

Salad Bowl 23 h9cm

20,79 inclui IVA

Bowl 15 h6cm

6,87 inclui IVA

Cup 270 ml

5,93 inclui IVA

Mug 330ml

6,56 inclui IVA

Bowl 9 h4cm

3,90 inclui IVA