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Buying from our online store is safe!

Nowadays, internet and e-commerce are an essential part of our lives, while facilitating shopping, communication, work and entertainment. However, this convenience brings along security-related challenges and risks. Protecting your data and privacy on the internet is essential to avoiding fraud, identity theft and other cyber threats.
Using so-called “strong” passwords or activating two-factor authentication are practices that will ensure greater security. Keep your devices and software up-to-date and use secure connections. Protect your data!

Online security is a shared responsibility. By adopting safe practices and remaining vigilant, you can minimise the risks and surf the internet with confidence. Remember that your data and privacy’s protection rely on the actions you take, on a daily basis. Always remain vigilant and make digital security a priority!
Costa Verde is increasingly committed into ensuring the best purchasing experience, by taking all procedures and strict measures, in order to ensure your purchases’ security.

We use the most advanced security systems in order to protect your financial information, by being our payment process certified, thus ensuring that your data is always safe and protected against any type of fraud or unauthorised access.
Our shop is HTTPS, i.e., it follows an essential protocol that ensures security and privacy around internet communications, while protecting you and us from anomalies and attacks, thus turning internet browsing safer.

We realise how delicate our products are, which is why we use special, reinforced packaging, aiming to ensure that your porcelain reaches its destination under perfect condition. Furthermore, we work with reliable carriers, which means that, should an incident occur during dispatch, the situation is taken care of.

Costa Verde thanks you for your trust and is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will continue working hard, in order to providing you with a safe and satisfactory shopping experience.
Thank you for your trust! We are happy to arrive at your home!”


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