Ambitious &

Double Ambitious

A set of tones, a duality of sensations




In a bold gesture, each piece is born from the elementary combination of yellow and blue, where each play of tones is perceptible. Green embraces the clarity and optimism of yellow, complemented by the serenity and charisma of blue. This dynamic balance conveys a nature of hope and prosperity. Its reactive glaze, provides a bold atmosphere, that stimulates the senses and can only be complemented by ambitious platting. 

In Double Ambitious, the black matt glaze, present in the outside surface, soothes out the edges, enveloping the atmosphere in feelings of calm and tranquility.  

In both versions, the reactive glaze outlines every stroke and enhances every radiated tone, while disclosing confidence and ambition. Each piece is a work of art, while inviting us into contemplating and appreciating the delicateness of porcelain. 


*Double Ambitious: In the Double Ambitious version, the pieces have a matter black glaze on the outside/base.

Pieces of the Ambitious & Double Ambitious collection

Bowl 15 h9cm

10,0811,19 inclui IVA

Coupe Plate 26 cm

7,809,54 inclui IVA

Mug 330ml

6,567,20 inclui IVA

Cup 270 ml

5,936,81 inclui IVA

Plate 17cm

4,775,70 inclui IVA

Deep Plate 25cm

7,879,27 inclui IVA

Plate 24cm

6,817,25 inclui IVA

Plate 29cm

8,7010,02 inclui IVA

Coupe Deep Plate 29cm

13,7717,07 inclui IVA

Plate 33cm

17,0719,73 inclui IVA

Gourmet Plate 18cm

6,387,28 inclui IVA

Gourmet Plate 25cm

8,078,70 inclui IVA

Plate Coupe 16cm

4,775,70 inclui IVA

Plate Coupe 24cm

6,817,25 inclui IVA

Plate Coupe 21cm

5,936,34 inclui IVA

Deep Plate Coupe 18cm

5,936,09 inclui IVA

Plate Coupe 32cm

17,0719,72 inclui IVA

Plate Coupe 28cm

8,7010,02 inclui IVA

Deep Plate 29cm

12,5614,75 inclui IVA

Rectangular Plate 31X13cm

14,7316,68 inclui IVA

Deep Plate Coupe 24cm

7,889,27 inclui IVA

Rectangular Plate 37X13cm

17,4819,43 inclui IVA

Salad Bowl 23 h9cm

20,7923,36 inclui IVA

Bowl 15 h6cm

6,877,67 inclui IVA

Bowl 12 h6cm

5,876,68 inclui IVA

Bowl 9 h4cm

3,904,41 inclui IVA