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The perception of flavour beyond taste

It certainly won’t be surprising if we say that almost all the senses (taste, smell, touch, sight) are involved in the gastronomic experience, right? Added to these are certain sensations related to the circumstances in which you find yourself, which affect not only your perception, but also the way you accept and enjoy a gastronomic moment.

Obviously, taste is highlighted as the main sense. It is what will dictate whether a meal or food is good or less good, in the end.

Sight allows us to perceive the shape, size and colour of objects, including food. Both the colour and the shape of food create expectations about what you are going to taste. For instance, since there are no natural foods that are blue in color, any element of that colour may seem less tasty.

However, with this article, we intend to highlight another issue – or another sensation – that could make all the difference in the way food is perceived. We’re referring to sight and taste (and sometimes touch) as if they were intertwined… For example, have you ever felt that certain foods taste better if they are places in certain types of tableware? When you taste a green broth in a clay bowl, it can make all the difference, bringing a feeling of cosiness, wouldn’t you agree? Or, when you drink water, the feeling of drinking from a clear glass instead of a tinted one, doesn’t it taste more refreshing? Or vice versa, depending on your taste, of course!

The highlighted point in this article has to do with the sensations that certain elements can bring at mealtime. A good porcelain plate, of a certain colour or shape, can make the perception of flavour go beyond the palate, making the experience richer and more pleasant. Take a look at the Agma line if you are a fan of designs that strive for simplicity, and if that adds more pleasure when you are enjoying your meal, then it will be a great option!

It is possible that the design and texture of the set where everyday meals (or special occasions) are usually made offer a different treat to the palate.

So, when choosing your table set, you can take this into consideration, if it makes any difference, of course. Touch the porcelains, feel their textures and observe them, get a feel of how their design appeases your senses and how they “match” with your favourite flavours. Imagine yourself enjoying a meal on the items you have in mind. For instance, the Gloomy collection, from Costa Verde, in addition to having a very distinctive appearance, it also has a very unique texture. It is definitely a line that will help delight the palate, while offering a great presentation.

Does it make a difference to you or not? In the same way that we choose accessories, clothes or decorative objects to influence the environment around us so that it corresponds to our moods, the choice of plates and items at the table can also correspond to the mood of the meal and food, and in particular, to your personality and state of mind.

After all, our state of mind and expectation of experience is different at every moment of the day. In the morning we need life and energy, in the afternoon we need concentration and focus and at night we need to return to a state of relaxation.

Next time you have breakfast, lunch or dinner, remember how you want to feel and choose accordingly, for a fuller sensory and conscious experience, totally in tune with your emotions!

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