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Where can you buy Costa Verde’s porcelain?

Buy Costa Verde’s porcelain

The elegance of Costa Verde’s porcelain pieces looks good on any table and helps highlighting the most exquisite plating. We have been working into bringing them to you and now it is even simpler to buy Costa Verde’s porcelain pieces, both at physical stores across the country and through digital media.

Through a wide distributor’s network in Portugal, Costa Verde‘s pieces are increasingly present at the table. But these porcelain pieces do not stop here and travel far away.


From Vagos to all over the world

For years, Costa Verde’s porcelain pieces has been present across the best restaurants and hotels spots, around the world. Their unmistakable quality impresses the most demanding chefs and, nowadays, it is possible to find these porcelain pieces in more than 50 locations.

Whether you are in an exquisite hotel in Rio de Janeiro, a casino in Las Vegas or a restaurant in Mozambique, don’t get surprised if the most refined delicacies arrive at your table, on a Costa Verde’s dish.

Always aware of consumer’s needs, the brand has redesigned its website and launched itself into the world of e-commerce. It is, nowadays, possible to buy Costa Verde’s porcelain pieces anywhere in the European Union, through the online store.


Costa Verde: The secret for success

The quality of its porcelain pieces and the brand’s demanding levels, around design, have raised Costa Verde into a level of excellence. Established in Portugal since 1992, its porcelain production unit, located in Vagos, in the district of Aveiro, is a matter of national pride.

Considered one of the most advanced in the world, Costa Verde’s factory is not limited to the production of porcelain pieces. It also works as an important investigation and research centre, in searching the most recent innovations across this sector.

At the origin of everything, we highlight the permanent bet on the company’s human capital. Holding more than 300 employees, Costa Verde invests daily in the valorization of its work teams, through differentiated training programs.


Wanting to buy Costa Verde’s porcelain pieces? Now you have several options available!

With the launch of the online store, buying Costa Verde’s porcelain pieces became much easier. Whether you are looking for a complete dinning service, or simply a single piece, such as a platter, a sugar bowl or a gravy boat, you can explore all the collections at a mouse-click.

But some prefer to touch and get to seeing Costa Verde’s porcelain pieces live, before buying them. In such cases, you can always choose to visit one of our distributors in Portugal. There are more than 30 of them and they are located from North to South of the country.

Come and get inspired by our online shop and discover the porcelain pieces, which best suit your table and your personal taste.


Visit Costa Verde’s online store



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