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5 Autumn decoration trends for 2021

Kitchen with autumn decorations - Illustrative image from article about Autumn decoration trends for 2021

Autumn is here and it’s time to prepare the house to make it look cosier, now that we will spend more time there, because of the colder weather. Discover the 5 Autumn decoration trends for 2021 that we have prepared for you!

1. Brown, dark green and red: the colours of autumn

This is a recurring trend. Every year, nature paints itself in new colours: from dark green to yellow, orange, red and brown… Shades that end up creating a feeling of comfort, so much appreciated during this season.

At home, you can use these colours in textiles, from tablecloths to blankets, rugs or cushions (don’t forget to take a look at tip number 4.). You can also use them in small decorations or, in a fearless way, on a freshly painted wall.

2. Pumpkins, wood and leaves: decorating comprising natural elements

This is a time of year when there are many natural decorative elements available. If spring brings us flowers, Autumn brings us fruits: pumpkins, pomegranates, chestnuts or even acorns.

With these fruits’ vibrant colours, to which we can also add leaves, wooden elements or even moss, just let your imagination run wild and get to work!

3. Spaces to receive guests

This season coincides with the long-awaited release of the restrictive measures imposed to contain Covid-19’s spread. Unsurprisingly, one of the Autumn decoration trends for 2021 is highlighting spaces, such as dining and living rooms, not forgetting the table, around which we, now, intend to gather family and friends.

In here, tableware takes on a prominent role! To welcome Autumn, we suggest the Coral collection, with brown decoration (Coral Brown), while bringing together the best of white porcelain, under a minimalist touch of the season’s colours.

Dishes from the Coral Brown collection in porcelain, with a brown border, served with radishes and herbs
The Coral Brown collection, with a brown accent, combines the white porcelain with the autumn colours.

4. Textured, natural-looking and layered fabrics

The cold is a focal point of this season’s textile decoration. Natural-looking and textured textiles are one of the trends, but there is one type of fabric gathering many fans: velvet, so comfortable to the touch.

In the bedroom, and even in the living room, the use of multi-layered textiles, with blankets of different textures, is something you cannot miss in your own home.

5. Candles and lanterns: lighting and comfort

With shorter and less bright days, lighting is a key factor of home decoration in Autumn and Winter. The use of candles, both inside and outside, seems to warm up the atmosphere, while inviting us to stay at home.

For greater safety of those who circulate in the space, especially children, or even pets, prefer the use of candles in lanterns. Inside, aromatic candles are a great option to achieve a double sensation of comfort.


Start renovating your home now with these 5 Autumn decoration trends for 2021! Which element do you consider a must-have?

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