Coral, the latest colour interpretation in Nordika Collection.
Produced through the sponging process, under two versions, blue and brown, Coral is our handcrafted decoration’s approach, in a collection under Scandinavian’s character and profile.

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Pieces of the Coral Collection

Bowl 13 h6cm Coral Blue

Bowl 13 h6cm

5,33 inclui IVA
Bowl 14 h9cm Coral Blue

Bowl 14 h9cm

7,28 inclui IVA
Bowl 17 h6cm Coral Blue

Bowl 17 h6cm

9,17 inclui IVA
Deep Plate 24 h4cm Coral Blue

Deep Plate 24 h4cm

8,7610,08 inclui IVA
Plate 10cm Coral Blue

Plate 10cm

4,49 inclui IVA
Plate 13cm Coral Blue

Plate 13cm

5,66 inclui IVA
Plate 16cm Coral Blue

Plate 16cm

5,97 inclui IVA
Plate 22cm Coral Blue

Plate 22cm

7,28 inclui IVA
Plate 28cm Coral Blue

Plate 28cm

9,22 inclui IVA
Plate 32cm Coral Blue

Plate 32cm

18,30 inclui IVA
Cup 320ml Coral Blue

Cup 320ml

6,33 inclui IVA
Bowl 10 h6cm Coral Blue

Bowl 10 h6cm

4,82 inclui IVA
Bowl 6 h2cm Coral Blue

Bowl 6 h2cm

3,66 inclui IVA
Mug 330ml Coral Blue

Mug 330ml

6,20 inclui IVA
Cup 240ml Coral Blue

Cup 240ml

5,66 inclui IVA
Cup 100ml Coral Blue

Cup 100ml

4,67 inclui IVA
Cup 200ml Coral Blue

Cup 200ml

5,33 inclui IVA
Saucer 12cm Coral Blue

Saucer 12cm

3,66 inclui IVA
Saucer 15cm Coral Blue

Saucer 15cm

4,67 inclui IVA
Tea Pot 550ml Coral Blue

Tea Pot 550ml

29,66 inclui IVA
Saucer 17cm Coral Blue

Saucer 17cm

5,33 inclui IVA
Tea Pot 1100ml Coral Blue

Tea Pot 1100ml

49,67 inclui IVA
Covered Sugar Coral Blue

Covered Sugar Bowl

19,66 inclui IVA
Milk Jug 300ml Coral Blue

Milk Jug 300ml

16,33 inclui IVA
Bowl 28 h9cm Coral Blue

Bowl 28 h9cm

42,97 inclui IVA
Platter 34X23cm Coral Blue

Platter 34X23cm

28,86 inclui IVA
Milk Jug 175ml Coral Blue

Milk Jug 175ml

13,00 inclui IVA
Platter 29X20cm Coral Blue

Platter 29X20cm

22,60 inclui IVA