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Easter Eggs History and Symbology

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With the arrival of spring also comes Easter’s festivities, one of the most important and symbolic celebrations of Christianity. This season’s festivities are closely linked to connections, which are impossible to refute in our tradition and culture, as is the case of the Easter bunny, Easter visits, the Easter cake, the goatling and the family gathered around the table, not forgetting the joy of children receiving and seeking the famous Easter eggs.
But how did the egg start to be associated with one of the oldest festivities on our planet?
Long before Easter was celebrated around the world, people already used to exchange and share eggs, thus celebrating the arrival of spring, bringing the cold winter season to an end. In order to benefit from the coming harvest, farmers buried eggs in their fields so that the following harvest would be abundant and prosperous. Since then, this use, so closely linked to the mild season, has perpetuated itself over time and was later adapted to the Easter celebration.
There are several legends and stories, explaining the origin of this association but, although they are all different and vary from country to country, there is a connection point between them all. The egg is seen, in many different cultures, as a symbol of fertility and renewal. But it was only a.C. that the symbolism of this precious food item, at this time of year, became associated with resurrection, thus symbolizing the life and rebirth of Jesus.
Throughout the world and over the years, various adaptations of this use appeared. It was in the European monarchy that the most exuberant Easter egg offerings appeared, from gold-covered, to large sculptures or exclusives like the Easter eggs of the Romanov family, better known as Fabergé eggs.
Despite these eccentric adaptations, there was a much simpler one that perpetuated through time and in the most diverse social classes: we are talking about the chocolate Eggs, which came to us through French confectioners, who decided to empty the contents of the eggs and fill them with chocolate. Although it started as an exclusive and expensive use, it quickly became popular and the greatest symbol of this festive season.
To delight yourself, during this very special season, we leave you a recipe for filled chocolate Eggs.

Recipe: Easter Eggs with condensed Milk and Strawberries.


1 Plain chocolate Easter Egg;


  • 1 can of condensed milk;
  • 4 spoons of powdered milk;
  • Vanilla essence at your own taste
  • Oreo biscuits (between 8 and 10 units)
  • 4 strawberries


  • Unwrap the chocolate egg. Carefully separate it into two parts, with a hot, sharp knife;
  • Separate the biscuits from the filling;
  • In a pan, mix the condensed milk and take it into low heat. When the mixture starts to want to detach from the pan, remove from the oven and add the powdered milk, the filling and the crushed biscuits. Let it cool a little, but not completely, and distribute it between the two halves of the chocolate eggs;
  • Decorate it with crushed biscuits and chopped strawberries.



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