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The beauty of sustainability

The predominance of sustainable habits and the purchase of environmentally friendly products (and services) is increasingly strong. As we observe climate change and the alteration of ecosystems, a sense of urgency grows to modify consumption routines, and to contribute to a more balanced world.

We observe that the choice of decoration or clothing items with a sustainable philosophy is increasingly present in people’s lives. Buying vintage cabinets or tables from second-hand stores (as well as clothing) is an increasingly common practice, as these pieces often bring a special and more rustic touch to a personal space. It is as if, in the midst of modernity, one element made the whole environment more familiar and welcoming. And, of course, the planet thanks you. It is important to give new life to what can still be used.

It is also important to emphasise the issue of environmental awareness in the world of ceramics. Nowadays, it is possible to support brands that are concerned with avoiding waste. What was often called “leftovers” or “waste”, can take on a new life or, even better, bring a space to life!

These residues can often result in unique objects, this means that the manufacture of these pieces is not intended for mass production and creates a completely unique product. And who doesn’t love these elements, when additionally they are in line with positive life philosophies?

Each piece is a unique item, and your home can become unique through items that stand out for their difference. A small adornment can be the missing element in a certain room, or at the table, and by being sustainable and recycled, it adds to its charm, as it has made its contribution to the planet.

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