Costa Verde is a company certified in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard. The company is one of the most modern European companies in its business sector, with excellent indexes of productivity and is one of the most competitive companies in the market. This has only been possible because Costa Verde has not focussed on income from short-term capital, which has allowed it to invest in all areas of production, from the most modern equipment to the most efficient processes.

In 2007/2008, the company underwent a revolution of its organizational system, by implementing the Kaizen system of Continuous Improvement to improve the productivity and the lead time of the product. Through this profound restructuring/optimization in the work stations Costa Verde can respond more effectively to an increasingly competitive market.

The company has invested in the most advanced manufacturing technology from Germany and uses the best raw materials available to produce the highest quality products. 

Costa Verde is a supporter of the inside-out approach, so manufactures and markets its products with its customers firmly in mind while seeking to continuously meet the ever changing needs of the market.

As one of the leading porcelain manufacturers in Europe Costa Verde was selected by Diversey, a world leader in tableware cleaning products for a compatibility study of its products. This study concluded that after 450 washing cycles using selected Diversey products with or without hypochlorite that Costa Verde’s porcelain is resistant to industrial washing agents and chemical agents.