Agma Marino

Agma Marino

Marino, the light blue of the fifth element

Considered as the outcome of careful research and technical development by Costa Verde, Marino is a new approach to the application of coloured glaze, characterised by its irregularity and degrade effect.
The Agma collection, marked by wavy reliefs, in a game of reflections and shadows, thus promotes a new, creative and disruptive concept in the art of plating.
A line with a sense of performance, visual, touch, practical and inspirational!


Pieces of the Agma Marino Collection

Plate 32Cm Agma Marino

Plate 32cm

18,23 inclui IVA
Wave Plate 30Cm Agma Marino

Wave Plate 30Cm

45,84 inclui IVA
Deep Plate 28Cm Agma Marino

Deep Plate 28Cm

12,92 inclui IVA
Deep Plate 28Cm Agma Marino

Plate 28Cm

9,22 inclui IVA
Plate 27Cm Agma Marino

Plate 27Cm

8,18 inclui IVA
Plate 24Cm Agma Marino

Plate 24Cm

7,37 inclui IVA
Deep Plate 23Cm Agma Marino

Deep Plate 23Cm

8,41 inclui IVA
Plate 21Cm Agma Marino

Plate 21Cm

6,80 inclui IVA
Plate 17Cm Agma Marino

Plate 17Cm

5,87 inclui IVA
Oval Plate 38X28Cm Agma Marino

Oval Plate 38X28Cm

39,25 inclui IVA
Oval Plate 32X24Cm Agma Marino

Oval Plate 32X24Cm

28,86 inclui IVA
Serving Bowl 25 H:10 Agma Marino

Serving Bowl 25 H:10

30,01 inclui IVA
Serving Bowl 19 H:8C Agma Marino

Serving Bowl 19 H:8C

17,19 inclui IVA
Bowl 14 H:6Cm Agma Marino

Bowl 14 H:6Cm

6,10 inclui IVA
Bowl 10 H:6Cm Agma Marino

Bowl 10 H:6Cm

4,83 inclui IVA