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5 ideas for a simple, outdoor Sunday lunch

Mesa com flores e com a linha agma no solar do alambique - sugestão almoço de domingo

Sunday lunch shouldn’t and doesn’t need to be a drama. Simply follow our suggestions and easily achieve a chef-worthy meal, for you to enjoy outdoors. In here, you will find five ideas, aimed at creating a special Sunday lunch!

1. Make it different from all the other days!

Let’s start up from the beginning! Why not including a simple starter on the menu, which will bring a different and special touch into the meal? There are little details, like flavoured butters and a few slices of bread, which can provide a different feeling to Sunday food. And they are so simple to make! Just think of an aromatic herb (maybe parsley, or oregano, or thyme, or even other than aromatic, like garlic), chop it up, add it to a butter of your choice, at room temperature, and you have what will be the perfect starter for a great meal!

2. Get outside!

Take advantage of the good weather and surrender to the eternal classic Sunday grills, which never let us down, like grilled fish, or even a barbecue. But do it differently! Why not preparing this Pantagruel’s meat marinade recipe? The day before, mix 250ml of olive oil, 6 tablespoons of white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of mustard, 1 teaspoon of English sauce, 1 squeezed garlic, salt, pepper and paprika, to taste. Leave to rest overnight. In the morning, soak the meat in the marinade and, while grilling, brush it with this sauce. It will be delicious!

3. Or, indulge in a simple salad

It’s getting hot already, isn’t it? How about a Caesar salad? Start-up from the sauce: crush a garlic, add a beaten egg, olive oil and season it with salt and pepper. Stir it up well, in a sauce vessel, and place it in the fridge. Choose a lettuce with the crispest leaves and cut it into pieces. When serving, season the lettuce with the sauce (don’t forget to stir it up), add croutons and shredded chicken and it’s ready to serve. Feel free to add another ingredient of your choice!

4. Think and set the table!

A pretty table is a considerable part of the comfort you feel at lunch and it doesn’t need to require any effort! Why not some flowers? They make all the difference when it comes to brightening up the atmosphere. Or why not using cheerful pieces, like those from the Moods collection? If, on the other hand, you prefer a more refined atmosphere, set up the table with pieces from Agma collection.

Agma mesa com pratos

5. Or even better! Take the car and enjoy lunch (or even the whole weekend) in a sunny-special place, like Solar do Alambique

And what about taking the opportunity and turning, not only Sunday lunch, but the whole weekend, into a special moment of rest, in a place where we are surrounded by nature and countryside peacefulness? Before having lunch, you can go swimming, and then, after a coffee and a brandy tasting, taking a walk along the riverside. Get inspired by the manor house website and, above all, enjoy your time.

These are our tips and recipes for your Sunday lunch. Which one do you prefer?

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