White porcelain: The brand image across hotels!

White porcelain, the brand image across hotels! This sentence, which could serve as an excellent slogan, portrays, in all truthfulness, the real role of porcelain in the professional market.

Porcelain leads the hotel and restaurant market, given its technical characteristics, which ensure strength and soft touch, as well as whiteness and translucency.

White porcelain also plays a leading role, despite some incursions into decoration and, more recently, the application of bright, reactive and matt glazes.

The tranquility and gastronomic harmony is only ensured through a white piece platting, preferably of hard feldspars porcelain, as it happens with the product produced by Costa Verde.

White porcelain values the food served, functioning as a stage where the chef conducts his performance called platting mode.

Currently, the use of contrasting food elements is widely popular, by being a phenomenon of attraction. To enhance food colors, nothing works better than having a white-based porcelain.

If decoration is not so popular across professional porcelain, the requirement of the market for various forms is a reality, which forces the various players to extra investment efforts.

What in the past was the constancy of a certain form, which remained for a long period of time, does not exist nowadays. The market demands new forms, either geometric or organic, that provide a better presentation and, therefore, a greater profitability of the product porcelain.


Costa Verde, your provider of excellence!


The dimension of the pieces, their shape and their relief, when they exist, are details of primordial importance for the hotel professional. In Costa Verde, we have many collection lines, mostly white, which meet market needs.

In all collections, we complement the articles with key pieces that we carry to the markets where we are present. A good example of this effort is our renowned Duo line, marketed in more than 50 geographies around the world, which is now composed of more than 70 different pieces.

Customization or personalization is a reality. Investors are thus seeking to single out their porcelain service and place their restaurant space or hotel unit in a prominent place.

Be it white, decorated or in different shapes, porcelain has unique characteristics that promote an exquisite and elegant platting and provide an excellent image, whether in hotels or in your own home.



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