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Tips for decorating your St Martin’s table

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Tips for decorating your St Martin’s table

St Martin’s Day brings with it a special atmosphere of celebration and cosiness. It’s the perfect time into gathering family and friends around a well-decorated table, full of delicacies and charm, on which you can’t miss the famous chestnuts! If you’re willing to create a sophisticated St Martin’s table, take advantage of these decorating tips, where the perfect match between porcelain, colours and other elements, will bring the elegance and comfort that this moment calls for!

  • Choose a colour palette: Before you start decorating, opt for colours, reflecting the autumn season and the atmosphere of St. Martin’s Day. Shades of orange, brown, gold and terracotta are excellent choices. Look for pieces in these colours, in their decor or even in their pattern. (Check out Foggy, Sandy & Groundy, Mature, Gloomy and Powerful collections).


  • Emphasise the main courses: The main dishes are the table’s centrepieces, so make sure they are the focus element. Choose white porcelain plates with subtle details or, if you prefer something bolder, choose plates decorated with autumnal elements, such as leaves or grapes, for example. These decorations will add a touch of elegance onto your table, and always within the theme.


  • Combine different sets of porcelain: An interesting idea is mixing and matching different sets of porcelain, in order to create an eclectic and customized table. Try using dessert plates or cups with complementary, but distinctive, patterns. This combination will bring a unique charm to your table, adding a touch of originality to it.


  • Bet on utensils: As well as plates, bet on porcelain utensils into complementing your table. Bet on refined porcelain bowls and platters. These small details will make all the difference to the overall appearance of the table, thus creating a visually pleasing experience.


  • Decorate the table with natural elements: In order to emphasize the autumn atmosphere even more, decorate the table with natural elements. Place small arrangements of dried flowers, autumn leaves or vine branches, in porcelain vases. These rustic and organic touches, will live in perfect harmony with porcelain.


  • Candles and soft lighting: Into creating a cosy atmosphere, don’t forget candles and soft lighting. Place porcelain candlesticks in the season’s colours and light on scented candles around the table. The soft candlelight will create a warm and inviting atmosphere, thus emphasising the beauty of the porcelain and other decorative elements.

Remember to pay attention to details, from the main dishes to the utensils and decorations. Take this opportunity to enjoy unforgettable moments with your most-loved ones. And, of course, with Costa Verde.


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