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Tips into decorating your table this spring

With the arrival of spring, it’s time to bring more colour and life into your home, especially when it comes to preparing your table to receive friends and family. And, of course, porcelain is the perfect choice to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication into your spring decor. To help you creating a stunning table, we’ve put together some tips, which will turn your environment into an even more cosy and vibrant one, during one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.

Go for a cheerful colour palette

Spring is an enchanting season, full of life and joy, hence you can favour timeless colours inspired by nature. Therefore, we recommend white porcelain pieces, accompanied by a tablecloth comprising floral patterns, or green, blue or yellow, combined with more neutral and subtle complements.

Mix different patterns

A more relaxed and modern table calls for unexpected combinations. For the more daring, we suggest mixing different colours and patterns of plates and glasses, aiming to create a more interesting visual effect.

Consider natural elements

Take advantage of the beauty of spring and decorate your table using fresh flowers, green leaves and seasonal fruit. These natural elements will add a touch of freshness to porcelain’s elegance.

Set up a creative centrepiece

To turn your table into something even more special, set up a creative centrepiece using candles, plants or flowers in jars and porcelain vases. It will make all the difference!


Don’t forget the details

The right choice of napkins, napkin holders and cutlery will ensure that your table is impeccable. These small elements will be decisive for an exceptional result. Consider factors such as the menu, the formality of the occasion and the quality of these objects, aiming to enhance the presentation of your table.

Decorating your table during this spring is a way of celebrating the season of flowers and welcoming your guests, using elegance and style. Follow these tips and turn your setting into a real work of art!

We hope this article has been useful and inspiring for you.

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