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Do you usually choose a theme for your table? by Marta Pinto de Miranda

Do you usually choose a theme for your table?

Choosing a theme is the first tip I have to give you, on the art of tablescaping or, in other words, decorating your table! It’s also the aesthetic expression that will enrich the experience, while sitting at the table, transforming the atmosphere into something unforgettable.

Who doesn’t enjoy savouring a meal at an attractive table? It means that, whoever has prepared ,it has put in the time and effort to turn that moment into something more special and unique.

The aesthetics of a table play a key role in the mood of those enjoying the dining experience, as well as it is an inspiration to the way the food is presented.

Starting from a specific theme for decorating a table, will help you selecting the elements, while establishing a common thread between them. And the table setting, while in harmony, creates a more visually appealing decoration.

My choice of theme

You can even start by choosing a theme by first taking inspiration from the tableware you’re going to use. This was my exercise when choosing the styling for the tables I set with Costa Verde’s Foggy, Sandy and Groundy collection. The collection itself already has an associated storytelling, inspiring us into absorbing the same mood.


The visual narratives I created took into account the porcelain’s neutral palette of tones, such as grey, terracotta and beige. In addition, I embraced the collection’s concepts, while evoking serenity, earth and nature’s strength, combined with an elegant and modern design.

The insights were designed into creating a relaxed table silhouette, elevating us towards a meditative experience, which carries us into the midst of Nature.

The colours

I favoured monochrome, while obeying the “feel-good” tones of porcelain – sometimes colder, sometimes warmer. Therefore, all table accessories (glasses, cutlery, textiles, chandeliers, candles, vases, among other elements) were chosen within the colour palette of Costa Verde’s dinner collection. Both table decorations ended up by exemplifying how you can create different decorations, while using the same porcelain dinner service!

The decorative elements

To evoke nature on tables, I’ve selected different simple decorative elements, that I managed to display along the centre of the table: a vase with fresh flowers, in an unpretentious and spontaneous arrangement, dried logs in a vase and differently shaped stones.

For the second decoration, I chose a small orange tree, to bring on the sensory experience of nature (the scent of oranges!) directly into the table setting.
Although Nature is part of this Costa Verde collection’s mood, the truth is that I always try choosing natural elements, bringing nature into everyday spaces as a “reminder” of the importance of nurturing our connection with Nature.

Other ways of choosing a theme

Other tips for inspiring you into choosing a theme for your table decoration could be considering:

  • The occasion for which the table will be set. Is it a birthday party, a friends’ dinner, a baby shower, a wedding?
  • The current season. If it’s autumn, you might want to use dried leaves and fresh pumpkins and, therefore, choosing a more rustic-style dinner service, matching this mood;
  • A cultural or culinary theme, taking inspiration from a country or tradition. How about creating a more exotic table at floor level with some cushions and a cosy rug to sit on, instead of the traditional table with chairs?
  • Decorating style and trends. What are the season’s trends? Do they mix and match patterns and textures?

Once you start setting themed tables – even if the theme is just following a particular trend – you will realise that the art of setting a table is always about a careful choice of elements, from the selection of utensils to dish display. Every detail is thought out into creating a pleasant visual and sensorial experience.

A themed table is always more memorable.

What I appreciate the most about Costa Verde’s porcelain is that it doesn’t take much effort into achieving an elegantly decorated table. Their design inspires us into celebrating a meal at the table, either in everyday life (even alone) or at a special event.

Which story will you be telling with your table today?

Marta Pinto de Miranda – Stylist & Creative Consultant 


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