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New Year’s Eve: Enter 2019 with Costa Verde!

New Year's Eve

The New Year’s Eve should be a special celebration! Now that Christmas’ season is over, it’s time to prepare for entry into the new year.

A few days from 2019, Costa Verde brings you some ideas for your party. Why not organize a funny event on New Year’s Eve, in your own house with family and friends?

Enjoying the New Year’s Eve in a hotel, restaurant or rural tourism house becomes expensive and tiring. Choosing a location, at a time when many options are already exhausted, can be a difficult task. Then, there is the journey and the fact of having to share the night with strangers. For all this, many people choose to spend the year in the comfort of their homes.

Thus, Costa Verde brings you some tips in order to organizing this event in a simple and very lively way.


8 Tips for organizing your New Year’s Eve

1. Create a theme party

Assign a theme to your New Year’s Eve party! It will be useful for elaborating the invitations and for the decoration of the space. That way, you will promote a funnier and more entertaining night. One of the most usual options is to create a masquerade. Fun is guaranteed!


2. Make a guest list

Consider the number of people you can receive, in order to invite them as soon as possible. Make a list of friends and family you want to put together and review it carefully, to ensure you have not forgotten anyone.


3. Make original invitations

Then think about the invitations and how to deliver them to your guests. Apply the theme of the party in its elaboration and send them as soon as possible, always asking for a confirmation. The sooner you know for sure how many people you will receive, the easier it will be to organize everything else.


4. Prepare the party space

Respect the chosen theme to decorate the space, not forgetting the lights, party hats and confetti. In the new year, we must celebrate and dance! Make room for a dance floor, by removing the most fragile elements from the venue. Create a lively and varied playlist to ensure everyone wants to dance all night long.


5. Do not forget the drinks

On New Year’s Eve, what to serve your guests will have to be very special! Remember the champagne or sparkling wine and choose a good wine for the meal. Also take non-alcoholic drinks.


6. Suggestions for entries

Before the formal meal, an excellent choice for starters is finger food. Canapes, small skewers, bruschettas, mini-cupcakes, cheese truffles, tiger shrimp in the oven or sautéed mushrooms are a few suggestions.

To help you serve, Costa Verde proposes the well-known Isola collection, under organic shapes and small pieces. This collection is decorated with a vibrant colour palette, which gives your table more joy. Also Universal collection, with its famous bowls, is perfect for the presentation of individual quantities. In this case, the refined glossy black glaze will add refinement to your party.


7. Suggestions for main diches

The main dishes will depend on the area of ​​the planet you are in this year. A curry soup with shrimp, a fish batter or a cod cataplana are always excellent choices. Meat or fish roasts are also quite popular.

Challenge yourself and count on Costa Verde’s porcelain collections in order to potentiate the final result. Whether with the Duo collection pieces or the various concepts of the Saturno collection, beautify your delicacies!


8. Suggestions for desserts

When serving desserts, once a year, exaggerate! Arrange several pies, an exquisite persimmon mousse and the always faithful king cake, for example.

Also here, Costa Verde provides you some help, through pieces of excellent performance, like those of the emblematic Eclipse or Opera collections.


Anyway, Costa Verde wants your New Year’s Eve party to be unforgettable! For you, your family and all of those who spend some time together with you, a Happy 2019!



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