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The ideal gift: A collection for every personality

Who has never looked at an object and immediately associated it with a friend or family member?

There are elements of a space that fit perfectly with certain personalities and, as we know it varies from person to person, we decided to help with some suggestions! There are a few weeks left until the holiday season and if you are still having doubts about what to gift, we leave you with our suggestions.

A Costa Verde Collection for every personality:

ISOLA | For the well travelled and curious

Some people are always looking for new adventures, even in the kitchen! And who said you can’t travel without leaving your home? Isola is a diverse collection, perfect for that friend or family member who loves to try the most varied cuisines. From Sushi to Tapas, Isola’s contemporaneity makes it the ideal porcelain for globetrotters. Share culture at the table with family and friends!

GLOOMY | For the uncomplicated and enigmatic

The elegance of the Gloomy Collection awakens the connection to nature and the origin of food. For the person who can’t do without the rustic and bucolic character of the decor, Gloomy can be the missing touch of simplicity and mystery.
The brownish details, reminiscent of the colours of the earth, offer a warm and cosy vision that makes life easier when it’s time to serve.

RUSTIC | For the traditional and spontaneous

If the fascination with the tradition and ancestry of ceramics is valued by that friend or family member, then the Rustico Collection will meet all their requirements!
With pieces in 8 different colours, hand-painted on the glaze and details in the textures, Rustico is a collection that recalls the knowledge passed down through generations. For a more creative and colourful home and decoration.

RAIO | For the organised and methodical

Symmetry, fit, and organisation: the Raio Collection is a delight for those who are methodical and balance fans. The ease of stacking and the reinforced materials make this collection a guaranteed success at the table! The sense of clean and orderly aesthetics wins over anyone who loves method and coordination.

The Costa Verde suggestions are an inspiration. In our online store, you can find a wide range of porcelain, each one with a different sense and aesthetic!

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