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The details that will transform your dining room

Essential for socialising in any home, the dining room is simple to decorate if you pay attention to the detail! We know the purpose of this space, and it is difficult to go wrong with the design as long as we have comfortable chairs and a table. However, if you want to go further in decorating without investing time in major changes, pay attention to these details!

Functionality is the key

Functionality and simplicity! Analyse the room and think about what sensations you want to convey and which pieces might work. Observing and measuring the space, making a plan of what you would like to add or take away, and pondering over the organisation of elements will help with this step.

Remember: in decoration, less can be more, not needing a lot of furniture or objects. You should strive to maintain comfort and, at the same time, space for people to move around.

The lighting

It is common for the ideal light in the dining room to be able to provide sensations of comfort and well-being, on its own. A well thought out lighting can be the solution and a way to elevate the environment in different parts of the house. Choose a lamp to your liking – or several! -, the tone and position of the lights you would like to apply in the space. Undoubtedly, a detail that changes any environment!

A mirror is never too much

It’s a simple element, but it makes all the difference! In addition to making the environment much more modern, it causes a feeling of spaciousness in the space and helps to improve the clarity and lighting, as well as the aesthetics of the place.

If you’re not a fan of mirrors, no problem, you can always choose a frame to automatically add more life to the room!

The table service

And to top it off… a table service to match!
Don’t forget to choose utensils and elements that are durable, high quality and resistant! A quality porcelain service is enough to transform a plain space into an elegant space!

Costa Verde has a very extensive catalogue of porcelain collections, which, depending on the layout and colours, will do justice to the space at hand. From the Costa Verde Collections to the Moods Collections, let the colour and sensations of porcelain carry you away!

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