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The appeal of bowls

Bowls have been around for thousands of years. It is believed that the first ones to be found came from China, ancient Greece, Crete and a few American countries. The appearance varies a lot, ranging from simple to a true work of art.

In Portuguese we can simply call them bowls, but would they have the same appeal? Probably not! But the real charm is essentially in what makes up a Bowl.

In Asia, food is usually eaten in small bowls, with the typical spoon for each country (or culture) or with chopsticks.

Asian was the most ordered food in Portugal in 2021. Sushi, Asian and Poke (the Poke is served in a bowl and is of Hawaiian origin – Poke Bowls) were at the top of Lisbon’s gastronomic preferences.

The well-known Bowls cover different types of cuisine and have become “it” meals. Perhaps because it tastes good to eat with that specific utensil and you can create real gastronomic creations, with highly vibrant and appetising colours.

In addition to what is already a tradition to eat in bowls, nowadays, many people bet on this utensil to create their healthy meals, with fruit, yoghurt, seeds… Others bet on a vegetable mix. It is enough to give freedom to everyone’s imagination and desires. And these bowls are quite photogenic too, that’s true!

Thus, we can even confirm that food served in bowls makes everything more “comforting”, or that it tastes much better. It’s a way to eat healthy without much effort.

Costa Verde has several sets of bowls, which are part of different collections, just choose the ones that you think will go best with your healthy creations and enjoy!

We hope to have inspired you!

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