It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to experience special moments together, as a relationship must always be nurtured, no matter how much time passes, right? That’s why dinner for two is always a good idea to surprise your other half, through a more intimate moment and… another victory achieved through gastronomy!

Don’t wait for special dates to gift your partner, live your relationship to the fullest every day! Here are some tips on how to prepare a moment for two.

The mood

Yes, candles can be part of this special dinner. They don’t have to be the typical passionate red candles (however, if you really want them, then you can have those red candles! Do what makes you happy and comfortable). Just a few candles that add a warm and cosy touch to the environment.

The table

The dining table must be set neatly! Go for linen tablecloth, for instance, and and get matching napkins. Use more neutral tones as a base or go all out on red, known as the colour of passion, but that also depends on the tableware you intend to use.

Instead of using the typical tablecloth, you can always go for table runners, which are equally elegant and sophisticated.

You can certainly improve the romance tableware, to match the mood you want to create. Costa Verde has exactly the ideal collection to create moments like these, and its name is flirty. Give it a go!

You can also make use of glass bowls in order to spread various elements around the table, adding more passion: strawberries or red berries. Sophistication will soon come out and romance will be unleashed.

A little flower arrangement

It can go from the most elaborate, to the simplest – depending on your taste. Our suggestion is  going simple! If you happen to have an empty glass bottle (without labels) at home, buy some roses (or just one, which will also have the desired effect) and the arrangement is ready, inexpensive, effortless, and it automatically add a romantic mood, all with a simple gesture.

Liked it? You can start thinking about surprising your favourite person, you don’t need exaggeration to achieve an exquisite decoration that shows your personality, you just need to let your imagination run wild!