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5 Tips into setting the table for Christmas dinner

Example of Christmas dinner’s table with Nordika Red Rim’s tableware, seasonal fruit centrepieces and red tablecloth

More than ever, Christmas is going to be special!

The family will gather together, something we’ve been waiting for a long time, so every touch and every gesture will be even more special!

Dinner, that moment of smiles, in which we create memories and let out laughter is now more intense! That is why it is important to make this moment even richer, even cosier, when preparing your Christmas dinner’s table!

The decoration, the colours, the choice of the porcelain collection will fill that little space of desire to bring the family together again! Every detail will make a difference. For Christmas Eve, choose the details that will help create a cosy environment, of love and that will awaken the 5 senses at the table.

To help creating this atmosphere, we have prepared 5 tips to inspire you into celebrating Christmas at home, with all the emotion that the date implies!

1. Awaken the sense of sight

Did you know that colours provide a very advantageous visual stimulus to create a pleasant experience? These make guests feel really at home, more comfortable to share and also more connected with emotions. 

When we think of Christmas, the first colour that comes to our mind is red. A warm colour, which evokes more stirring feelings, such as love and passion. Producing a table for Christmas dinner with this vibrant colour, brings glamour and refinement, stimulates the appetite and makes the atmosphere more inviting.

I chose to create this table with the new Nordika Red Rim collection. Inspired by the cold of winter, but with a delicate and warm outline, represented by the red filament, delicately designed on these pieces.

2. Create an engaging table that strikes a chord

To dress it up, prefer to use a thicker towel and fabric napkins, under different textures, in order to create different sensations to the touch. I chose a red tablecloth, which contrasts with the porcelain’s white colour and chess napkins, under the same tones.

Two plates from Nordika Red Rim’s collection, superimposed, with a red and white-checkerboard napkin and a red tablecloth
Photo by Carla Magalhães

3. Play with the aromas, into awakening new sensations at the table

The end of the year is bathed by colourful fruits of the most diverse flavours and aromas. Thus, it is interesting to use them, into decorating the Christmas table. Be it pomegranates or nuts, such as walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts. These are mandatory elements on Christmas dinner’s table, so why not using them in the decoration?

4. Choose the menu

No less important than the decoration, the menu is also essential. Choose something that will help decorating your table, delight the eyes and make a gift to good appetite. A suggestion that promises to delight the most demanding tastes is a cheese and sausage board. Go through your guests’ preferences, in your mind, and surprise them with one of their favourite Christmas dishes.

Board with cheese, sausages and various fruits on the right and Christmas decoration comprising plants and fruits, like apples, on the left
Photo by Carla Magalhães

5. Choose a meaningful playlist

Sound, music, has the power to awaken memories and change people’s moods. Therefore, good music is a great tool into entertaining and amusing your guests. In addition, certain songs can have a special meaning to your family, while recalling and sharing memories.

We wish your Christmas to be bright, joyful, illuminated with love, peace and harmony and for you to have the best experience, at your table, for Christmas dinner. 


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Carla Magalhães - autora do artigo Como decorar uma Mesa de verão para receções intimistas
Photo by Carolina Matos

Carla Magalhães

Table designer, fruit of the passion for receiving that she says she inherited from her mother, an official from Bahia’s government.

With a special talent for events’ organization and collaborating with various national and international companies, today she’s focused on interior decoration. An expert in table setting, in the area, she is a consultant and organiser of courses and training, from Porto, where she has lived since
2015. She shares her work through her website and blog, and her social media pages, Facebook and Instagram.


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