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4 essential elements for decorating a kitchen

Long gone are the days when the kitchen was just for cooking food. As it is one of the most used spaces in the house, either by the family or by the guests, decoration can be an essential element for well-being.

For a comfortable, cosy and functional room, we reveal some elements that cannot be missing in this space, both for large and small kitchens!


If you want the kitchen to become a more cosy and beautifully decorated place, then decorating the walls is essential. Choose a wall – or several, depending on the space you have – and position the paintings to your liking. In a more neutral kitchen, paintings with bright colours ensure contrast, but if you’re following a pre-defined palette, keeping the tones aligned will also be a great option.


Who has never lost track of time while cooking?

In addition to the obvious importance in terms of organisation, the clock can become an interesting decoration piece, if you wish! Choosing a clock with a distinctive appearance or with a colour that stands out more will make all the difference in a space that tends to be more monotonous.

The tones

Although they’re not a decorative object, the room’s colour palette will dictate how far you can go with the rest of the decor. As it can be the key factor in creating the atmosphere, it is necessary that the choice is conscious. If light tones are predominant in your kitchen, for instance, you will find it easier to bet on a more lively decor, such as shades of red, pink or yellow.

Natural elements

In addition to being super trendy, natural elements can be a healthy option for your food and decor! We are referring to fruit or indoor plants, which, due to their colours, can only enrich the space!

Did you enjoy our tips? Let your imagination soar!

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