Mysterious is another Moods concept’s collection, which is synonym for elegance and sophistication.

With a matt-based glaze, under shiny glazed details, both in black colour, in a process developed by Costa Verde’s technical team, this decoration also discloses dignity and refinement.

By being Isola Collection-based, Mysterious assumes, thus, the organic and equally exclusive character of this collection, characterized also by its global and contemporary character, an excellent option for the most sophisticated national and international delicacies’ plating.


Pieces of the Mysterious Collection

Medium Dip Bowl 10x9cm Mysterious

Medium Dip Bowl 10x9cm

6,37 inclui IVA
Chopstick Rest 5X4cm Mysterious

Chopstick Rest 5X4cm

3,95 inclui IVA
Taça 6x5cm Mysterious

Small Dip Bowl 6x5cm

4,24 inclui IVA
Tasting Spoon 12X5cm Mysterious

Tasting Spoon 12X5cm

7,45 inclui IVA
Sushi Plate 27x18cm Mysterious

Sushi Plate 27x18cm

17,60 inclui IVA
Bowl 12X9X6cm Mysterious

Bowl 12X9X6cm

9,36 inclui IVA
Jug 120ml Mysterious

Jug 120ml

10,53 inclui IVA
Jug 60ml Mysterious

Jug 60ml

8,53 inclui IVA
Salt 9X6cm Mysterious

Salt 9X6cm

7,97 inclui IVA
Pepper 9X6cm Mysterious

Pepper 9X6cm

7,97 inclui IVA
Mug 375ml Mysterious

Mug 375ml

7,49 inclui IVA
Large Plate 32x24cm Mysterious

Large Plate 32x24cm

19,99 inclui IVA
Bowl 13X11X8cm Mysterious

Bowl 13X11X8cm

10,54 inclui IVA
Bowl 17X13X5cm Mysterious

Bowl 17X13X5cm

10,54 inclui IVA
Long Plate 32x14cm Mysterious

Long Plate 32x14cm

16,75 inclui IVA
Square Plate 26cm Mysterious

Square Plate 26cm

14,37 inclui IVA
Short Plate 24x12cm Mysterious

Short Plate 24x12cm

13,18 inclui IVA
Small Plate 22x18cm Mysterious

Small Plate 22x18cm

13,77 inclui IVA
Large Dip Bowl 16x12cm Mysterious

Large Dip Bowl 16x12cm

8,79 inclui IVA
Large Serving Bowl 28X22X9cm Mysterious

Large Serving Bowl 28X22X9cm

50,64 inclui IVA
Low Serving Bowl 24X14X4cm Mysterious

Low Serving Bowl 24X14X4cm

18,10 inclui IVA
Individual Salad Bowl 17X14X6cm Mysterious

Individual Salad Bowl 17X14X6cm

14,45 inclui IVA