Raw elevates the process of creation and development of signature dishes. A new approach in pure, translucent white porcelain, in contrast to a rough granite surface with a rocky aspect, carrying the porcelain to a new space, time and experience.


Pieces of the RAW Collection

Gourmet Plate 25cm RAW

Gourmet Plate 25cm

17,19 inclui IVA
Deep Plate 29cm RAW

Deep Plate 29cm

20,66 inclui IVA
Coupe Deep PLate 29cm RAW

Coupe Deep PLate 29cm

18,35 inclui IVA
Plate 33cm RAW

Plate 33cm

27,59 inclui IVA
Serving Dish Coupe 33cm RAW

Serving Dish Coupe 33cm

59,93 inclui IVA
Coupe Plate 28cm RAW

Coupe Plate 28cm

17,19 inclui IVA
Coupe Plate 32cm RAW

Coupe Plate 32cm

27,59 inclui IVA