The balance in relief.

The softness of the relief in this collection is inspired by Zen gardens and the sense of balance that they convey to us. The concentric circles of the Ecos collection, echo a purified and fascinating oriental imagery that invites us to discover a whole world that remains to be explored, called fine dining.


Pieces of the Ecos Collection

Prato 33cm Ecos

Plate 33cm

13,27 inclui IVA
Prato Fundo 29cm Ecos

Deep Plate 29cm

9,69 inclui IVA
Prato 29cm Ecos

Plate 29cm

6,91 inclui IVA
Prato 24cm Ecos

Plate 24cm

5,53 inclui IVA
Prato Fundo 25cm Ecos

Deep Plate 25cm

6,68 inclui IVA
Travessa 57X24cm Ecos

Platter 57X24cm

44,10 inclui IVA
Travessa 48X21cm Ecos

Platter 48X21cm

34,63 inclui IVA
Travessa 38X20cm Ecos

Platter 38X20cm

25,28 inclui IVA
Prato 17cm Ecos

Plate 17cm

4,03 inclui IVA
Saladeira 24cm Ecos

Salad Bowl 24cm

16,15 inclui IVA
Pires 18cm Ecos

Saucer 18cm

3,68 inclui IVA
Pires 12cm Ecos

Saucer 12cm

2,99 inclui IVA
Pires 16cm Ecos

Saucer 16cm

3,33 inclui IVA
Prato Gourmet 25cm Ecos

Gourmet Plate 25cm

6,91 inclui IVA