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Christmas: 4 ways to gift with purpose

Gifts with a purpose go far beyond offering a mere object. They are thought out in detail and intention, giving a profoundly more intimate meaning to one of the oldest Christmas traditions!

As it is the time of the year when there is a greater probability of falling into the error of rush and consumerism, we remind you that gifting does not need to follow the same path. If you want to gift something meaningful this Christmas, follow this article and be inspired!

  1. Solidarity Gifts

A season for gifting and receiving gifts, Christmas is marked by a spirit of love, good energy and unity! These feelings, especially in festive seasons, awaken a more supportive side and this can also be reflected in the gifts under the tree.

Supporting charity campaigns with the purchase of products, donations to social organisations, or gifting to sponsor an animal, for instance, are just a few ways to make this season more altruistic. Solidarity gifting means giving twice as much: to the person who is gifted and the supported cause!

  1. Local and Handmade Gifts

    Gifting handmade pieces is one of the easiest ways to customise a gift. In addition, it comes with one certainty: there will be nothing else like it!

Handcrafted and local products have an inherently positive and creative emotional energy! A piece of clothing, a pair of earrings or a decorative piece become more special when we know that they were created or chosen especially for us! Take the opportunity to visit some craft fairs, pay attention to the city’s initiatives and recommendations from friends about products made in a manual and ecological way.

  1. Sustainable Gifts

    Handmade, reusable or second-hand: gifting sustainable products and minimising environmental impact is more accessible than ever! The difficulty will be choosing. Food, plants or hygiene products are some ideas, but there is a wide variety of gifts waiting to change the world of those who receive them. The Endless Collection, by Costa Verde, is one example. In partnership with ClementinAtelier, we have developed a collection of unique products, using and converting production waste. A way of gifting that comes with awareness, as it makes a positive contribution to the planet and to the life of the person receiving it.

  2. Useful and Timeless Gifts

The tradition and practice of offering gifts at Christmas made gifting almost automatic and, many times, disconnected from the true meaning of the festivity.

Thinking about the person we want to gift, their taste or what they might need at the moment will certainly help the choice process. Courses, Cultural or Wellness Vouchers and Gift-cards are ideas to consider. Deep down, something that can be used and enjoyed how and whenever the person wants!

Investing in classic clothing pieces, vintage products or timeless decorative sets are safe choices that never go out of style. The Costa Verde Porcelain Collections, for instance, are a guarantee of quality and elegance that have lasted for decades.

It has just become easier to gift with meaning this Christmas. What did you think of Costa Verde’s Christmas tips?

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