Elegance in simplicity 

Elegant, simple and serene. Peaceful collection is designed thinking of you and the ability to provide you with calm and peaceful moments. Allow yourself to be daring at your plating, through the traditional whiteness of porcelain, combined with the subtle touch of reactive blue, on the edge.  

Offer your guests a moment of leisure, where peace and harmony are the most important elements. An excellent decoration aimed at creating an amazing, modern and elegant table.


Pieces of the Neutral Collection

Peaceful_Cup 100ml

Cup 100ml

5,10 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Cup 265ml

Cup 265ml

5,97 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Cup 340ml

Cup 340ml

6,94 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Saucer 12cm

Saucer 12cm

3,95 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Saucer 18cm

Saucer 18cm

4,83 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Plate Coupe 16cm

Plate Coupe 16cm

5,28 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Plate Coupe 21cm

Plate Coupe 21cm

6,24 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Plate Coupe 24cm

Plate Coupe 24cm

7,37 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Deep Plate Coupe 18cm

Deep Plate Coupe 18cm

6,24 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Plate Coupe 28cm

Plate Coupe 28cm

9,22 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Deep Plate Coupe 24cm

Deep Plate Coupe 24cm

7,91 inclui IVA
Peaceful - Rectangular Plate 37X13cm

Rectangular Plate 37X13cm

22,46 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Plate Coupe 32cm

Plate Coupe 32cm

17,58 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Rectangular Plate 31X13cm

Rectangular Plate 31X13cm

17,58 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Bowl 12 h6cm

Bowl 12 h6cm

6,13 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Salad Bowl 23 h9cm

Salad Bowl 23 h9cm

26,29 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Bowl 15 h9cm

Bowl 15 h9cm

11,60 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Bowl 15 h6cm

Bowl 15 h6cm

7,83 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Bowl 9 h4cm

Bowl 9 h4cm

4,07 inclui IVA
Peaceful_Mug 330ml

Mug 330ml

6,56 inclui IVA