Neutral, impartiality’s beauty

Born from the romance between white and black, Neutral symbolizes seriousness and strength. Its matt grey glaze allows you to create harmonious, balanced dishes with a personality of their own, which, connected to the reactive brown colour, discloses a cosy sensation.

Allow yourself to be creative and use your imagination at platting, in order to surprise your guests.

Developed in Saturno Coupe and Universal collections, Neutral reveals gastronomic universality, under a mix of coupe dishes and bowls, of multiple sizes and uses, in which originality, functionality and aesthetic sense are well present. 


Pieces of the Neutral Collection

Mug 330ml

7,75 inclui IVA

Bowl 9 h4cm

4,42 inclui IVA

Bowl 15 h6cm

7,83 inclui IVA

Bowl 15 h9cm

11,47 inclui IVA

Bowl 12 h6cm

6,70 inclui IVA

Salad Bowl 23 h9cm

33,06 inclui IVA

Rectangular Plate 31X13cm

24,53 inclui IVA

Plate Coupe 32cm

19,16 inclui IVA

Rectangular Plate 37X13cm

31,17 inclui IVA

Deep Plate Coupe 24cm

10,96 inclui IVA

Plate Coupe 28cm

11,53 inclui IVA

Deep Plate Coupe 18cm

9,10 inclui IVA

Plate Coupe 24cm

10,96 inclui IVA

Plate Coupe 21cm

9,10 inclui IVA

Plate Coupe 16cm

7,46 inclui IVA