A collection conveying hope.

Allow yourself to enjoy good moments at the table, where joy, friendship and good energies will never be lacking. Its colors remind us of the lightness and tranquility of the long green fields and crystal-clear rivers.

Developed through the Nordika collection, Hopeful offers you the opportunity to create light, balanced and soulful dishes. Perfect to enjoy good moments, provided by nature.


Pieces of the Hopeful Collection

Bowl 14cm Hopeful

Bowl 14 h9cm

9,75 inclui IVA
Bowl 13cm Hopeful

Bowl 13 h6cm

5,66 inclui IVA
Taca 10cm Hopeful

Bowl 10 h6cm

5,14 inclui IVA
Taca 6cm Hopeful

Bowl 6 h2cm

3,89 inclui IVA
Caneca 330ml Hopeful

Mug 330ml

6,59 inclui IVA
Cup 320ml

Cup 320ml

6,72 inclui IVA
Cup 240ml

Cup 240ml

6,02 inclui IVA
Cup 200ml

Cup 200ml

5,66 inclui IVA
Cup 100ml

Cup 100ml

4,95 inclui IVA
Saucer 17cm

Saucer 17cm

5,66 inclui IVA
Saucer 15cm

Saucer 15cm

4,95 inclui IVA
Pires 12cm Hopeful

Saucer 12cm

3,89 inclui IVA
Bule 1100ml Hopeful

Tea Pot 1100ml

39,56 inclui IVA

Tea Pot 550ml

25,81 inclui IVA
Açucareiro com Tampa

Covered Sugar Bowl

18,25 inclui IVA
Leiteira 300ml Hopeful

Milk Jug 300ml

15,30 inclui IVA
Leiteira 175ml Hopeful

Milk Jug 175ml

12,86 inclui IVA
Saladeira 20 h9cm Hopeful

Bowl 28 h9cm

34,46 inclui IVA
Travessa 34x23cm Hopeful

Platter 34X23cm

25,32 inclui IVA
Prato 32cm Hopeful

Plate 32cm

16,29 inclui IVA

Platter 29X20cm

20,51 inclui IVA
Prato 22cm Hopeful

Plate 22cm

7,74 inclui IVA
Prato 28cm Hopeful

Plate 28cm

9,80 inclui IVA
Prato 16cm Hopeful

Plate 16cm

6,34 inclui IVA
Prato 13cm Hopeful

Plate 13cm

6,02 inclui IVA
Prato 10cm Hopeful

Plate 10cm

4,78 inclui IVA
Prato Fundo 24 h4cm Hopeful

Deep Plate 24 h4cm

9,32 inclui IVA
Taca 17cm Hopeful

Bowl 17 h6cm

7,74 inclui IVA