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Gastronomic tradition: A story with a French accent!

On our last blog article, we gave you a note of the beginnings of the gastronomic tradition, with emphasis on French haute cuisine. We spoke about the overuse of spices, as a sign of ostentation, and the transition to fresher solutions: herbs. The importance of French gastronomic tradition and its worldwide influence is undoubtedly indisputable. Today, […]
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Gastronomy: A Little History on French Haute Cuisine

Gastronomy is the term comprising all the elements that go around food, from the ingredients used to prepare the dishes, to the associated cultural aspects and also to the drinks. The gastronomy from each country (and all its regional variants) constitute a true cultural heritage, which must be preserved. French cuisine is seen by many as the origin […]
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Salad: A Healthy and Tasty Choice for the Hottest Days!

A salad is always an excellent choice: as a meal, accompaniment or even dessert, when it is made out of fruit. It comprises, almost always, a healthy and colourful combination and tastes particularly well in the spring and summer, during warmer days. There are thousands of ingredients you can use to create your salad and […]
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