At Costa Verde, we are not indifferent to the country and the world’s current situation, therefore, we have adopted a contingency plan to prevent employees, customers, suppliers and other partners.

Therefore, Costa Verde wants to be an integral part in the resolution of this problem and, in accordance, has adopted the following prevention measures, to which we ask your cooperation:

  • Our sales and purchasing team will limit the number of visits and face-to-face meetings to what is strictly necessary and previously agreed, by privileging the technological means within reach, such as telephone, e-mail, among others;
  • In the case of loading and unloading, drivers must stay inside the truck, until further instructions from Costa Verde;
  • We will keep social distance, as determined by the General Health Directorate.

These measures will be immediately adopted and until further analysis on the pandemic overview.

Costa Verde continues to work and is available to respond to your requests and needs.

Our priority is to prevent and minimize the impact of this pandemic, while ensuring health and safety to all our employees, partners and customers.

Best regards