What are Millennials Looking for Across Hotels and Restaurants?

The world is going through a deep transformation and millenials are one of the reasons for that change. There is, nowadays, a transition of power between generations and Millennials are increasingly taking over. These are the individuals who have been conditioning a gradual change across all areas.

Brands, companies and businesses unfold into new approaches, aiming to captivate the so-called Generation Y. In this race, aiming to attract their attention, hotels and restaurants cannot be left behind.


Who are, after all, the Millennials?

Millennials is the name used in order to categorize people born between 1980 and 2000. The nomenclature was created by two American authors, William Strauss and Neil Howe, in the year of 1991.

What we’re talking, then, is about a group of individuals that will be around 20 to 40 years-old today. Also called Generation Y, they are the children of Generation X and grandchildren of the so-called baby boomers.

This is a highly informed generation. They’ve lived most of their life within the internet, permanently surrounded by technology, electronic equipment and in a digital world.

Generation Y is expected to account for 75% of the world labour market by 2025. Therefore, it becomes easy to understand its importance and growing power across the global consumption’s landscape.


What is its influence across hotels and restaurants?

Generation Y’s individuals look for unique and personalized experiences, either across hotels or restaurants.

Millennials, generally, hold serious environmental concerns and value local, sustainable ingredients. They consume more and more organic and preferably certified products. Perhaps because of the permanent access to information, this generation is aware of and understands the importance of sustainability.

They are also weighted when spending and concerned with saving. Their search for healthy food at a reasonable price has led to the growth of new solutions across the restaurant’s sector. It is in the origin of fast-casual restaurants and popular food-trucks. In these vans, it is possible to find 100% customizable dishes, to the taste of each one, in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

As for hotel industry, the Millennials start traveling quite early and view the world as a global place. As frequent travellers, they’re always looking for cultural or adventure experiences, all over the world. They are judicious, basing all their choices on a social sharing network, to which they are almost permanently linked. They compare opinions and rate reviews before choosing the hotel, flight or destination they are looking for.


How is Millennial’s restaurant sector characterized?

To match Millennials’ demands, restaurants must meet certain essential requirements. Social media is the communication channel to dominate, in order to achieve this generation’s involvement. Across restaurant spaces themselves, technology will have to allow permanent access to digital networks.

Dishes and menus should alternate between fast food and deli food, by not predicting for any of them to get out of fashion. But the ingredients will have to hold quality and must be produced in a sustainable way.

Rustic-inspired drinks are also a huge trend. Craft beers are already in full expansion and soon we will see the emergence of surprising alternatives. Natural wines and ciders may be the next trend amongst Millennials. It is curious that such a generation, which is so exposed to technology, holds this notorious fascination for craft products.


Established in 1992, Costa Verde is also a Millennial company! Across the development and presentation of new porcelain collections, it expresses a strong concern with the needs of Generation Y.

Present across more than 50 locations around the world, it is aware of cultural and social changes on a global scale. It will, therefore, continue to work in coordination with key stakeholders, in order to provide the best solutions to a constantly changing world.

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