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Costa Verde: So, that is the most modern porcelain factory in the world

Costa Verde is synonymous with modernity, rigor and excellence. Welcome to what will surely be the most well-equipped and modern porcelain factory in the whole world! This is how every day the portuguese company is introduced to clients and potential national and international clients. It is also in this way that it is described by […]
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Costa Verde: Distributors and shareholders’ network in Portugal

Costa Verde was launched in the market, back in 1992. Therefore, it celebrates 26 years of intense activity across manufacturing and sale of porcelain articles. The current positioning across more than 50 locations, around the world, proves its professionalism and success. In its genesis, we find a unique detail across its sector: having started from […]
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Porcelain: A new age across restaurants and hotels!

Porcelain has been assuming, in recent years, particularly during the last two decades, a growing importance. The product’s role across the hotels and restaurants’ market, as well as across the catering sector, has been the subject of several analyses. It is intended, therefore, to enrich and add value to the food displayed. What in the […]
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