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White Porcelain: From 5-star hotel to domestic use!

Hotel porcelain was formerly viewed as a poor, low-market product when compared to retail porcelain. However, in recent years, more properly in the past decade, we have witnessed a change in mentality. The perception of the value of porcelain has undergone a 360-degree turn. Nowadays, customers associate hotel porcelain with a much higher value than […]
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White porcelain: The brand image across hotels!

White porcelain, the brand image across hotels! This sentence, which could serve as an excellent slogan, portrays, in all truthfulness, the real role of porcelain in the professional market. Porcelain leads the hotel and restaurant market, given its technical characteristics, which ensure strength and soft touch, as well as whiteness and translucency. White porcelain also […]
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Hotel Porcelain: What to consider when it comes to choosing!

Porcelain is considered an object of refinement expression, by being inclusively faced as a cultural display and an art expression. The quality of the materials used in its production, turns porcelain tableware into a sophistication trademark across restaurant spots at hotel units. Apart from being essential on space preparation, which generally excels in elegance and […]
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