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Porcelain: The art of theatrical presentation of food!

Porcelain, together with cutlery and glass – what the French call mise en place – is the stage par excellence for the chef to express all his art and ingenuity with food. What an excellent stage and scenery! The gastronomic presentation went through profound changes in the last decade. Today, the word “experience” is a […]
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Costa Verde: Porcelain and its suitability for food!

At Costa Verde, we breathe cuisine and we know how important it is to have an accurate knowledge of this branch at a global level. Therefore, we develop products that may complement the various cuisine trends. We are located in more than 50 geographies around the world, so we assume as a structuring pillar this […]
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Costa Verde: A company with an invaluable human capital!

Costa Verde is recognized for having, probably, the best and most well-equipped porcelain manufacturing facility in the world. Despite all the investments made since its foundation, it understands the people – the employees – as structuring pillars of its activity. By being a creator of employment and value, Costa Verde count on, nowadays, with around […]
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