The main goal of Costa Verde is to satisfy the specific needs of the client, grounded in a customer oriented approach. The company has made available a set of services which were designed to facilitate the acquisition and maintenance of the porcelain and earthenware product set.

The excellence of our porcelain and earthenware products can be seen in the high quality of the materials used their resistance and durability, diversity of models / pieces / products and dimensions as well as the beauty of the patterns.

Besides the enormous variety of models and decorations available, the company also provides a customization service, which gives the client the possibility to customize the porcelain and earthenware products as desired, thus giving them unmatched distinction and notoriety. We also guarantee the client a swift replacement if necessary. Since our philosophy is aimed at catering to our clients´ demands, we provide flexible and customized solutions when they want to buy their porcelain and earthenware product set.