Innovation management includes the technological development process, technology application in products or processes and technological adoption and dissemination within the company. This last item should be considered as the introduction of new technologies in the company at the level of products, manufacturing processes or in any functional area.

This is a new area of knowledge, essential so that companies can maximize the benefits of the use of technology as well as its development, thus creating conditions for a greater competitiveness in the market. Be it for the development of a new product, or the selection of new equipment and support systems for the design and manufacturing / production processes. Our success depends essentially on how the technology is managed.

In practice, innovation management includes a vast range of activities, such as, for example:

Strategic management, follow-up of the technological evolution and long-term planning;

Research and development management, including assessment of economic viability of the R&D projects;

Management of the development process of new products or services;

Technology transfer management between the company and external entities;

Management of the technological supply and selection of systems and equipment for the production, administrative and management processes;

Quality management in the products and processes;

Human resources management.