Costa Verde began its business activity in 1992, and is currently one of the most modern companies in the porcelain and earthenware industry sector in the European Union.

The company´s facilities are located in the district of Aveiro, and it occupies a covered area of 30.000 m2 and an available area of over 60.000 m2.

The company has qualified human resources and is permanently committed to the training of its personnel and updating its processes. For this reason, the company occupies an effective position and posture in the markets where it operates and its business model is clearly Customer orientated.

The company´s business is characterized by its equipment based on the most advanced German technology, as well as its use of the strictly selected national and international raw materials. The manufactured products are known for its level of high quality. The Quality Department carries out works on a continuous basis in terms of assessment and control, and in a close collaboration with the Scientific Department of the Porcelain, Earthenware and Glass Department of the University of Aveiro and the Coimbra Technological Center of Porcelain, Earthenware and Glass.

In percentage terms, 75% of the company´s production is exported to the European Union, United States of America, Japan, South Korea, England and United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, South Africa, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Angola, among many other countries.