Costa Verde is a certified company in the standard NO EN ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System. Thus, the company undertakes and is committed to an active contribution to the preservation of the environment, by continuously improving its environmental performance, reducing its environmental impacts, and fulfilling the legally imposed requisites. This is a commitment that has been incorporated into the company´s strategic goals in order to further its reputation as a social and ethically responsible company.

To this end, the company has sponsored several actions in order to diminish the environmental impact of its activity in the surrounding area:

Since its inception, an ETARI (Infra-structure for the treatment of industrial waste waters) was established for the efficient treatment of its industrial liquid effluents.

It has infra-structures in its facilities that allow the collection of all the water treated in the ETARI for reuse when washing the factory´s floor.

In what concerns waste management, Costa Verde promotes the internal and external recovery of all its waste, and approximately 95% of the produced waste is recovered.

Currently, the Green Wave project is underway, which is a completely innovative way to use the potential created by microwaves during the firing process. The use of this technology is aimed at reducing the energy consumption by 20% and reduces the firing time by 20% in comparison with the conventional firing process. This is an innovative technology, it is cleaner (causing a decrease of the environmental impact and/or improvement of health, hygiene and work safety), quicker, less expensive (decrease of the energy consumption and of raw materials per unit of products or services produced) and more efficient than the normally used traditional processes.