Our company has several strategic business areas:






With different products, in what concerns the market to which they are aimed at, as well as the specific variables of each business, Costa Verde is present in these differentiated business areas, by investing in satisfying our client´s needs, always in a Customer Orientated posture, constantly seeking to develop and present new products which are adequate to market needs.

Costa Verde is known for its constant monitoring and follow-up of new trends and the continuous development of new products, adequate to each business strategic area. The company has introduced in the market innovative and specific products for the various intervention areas, with a specific role in the hotel business, which - given our international partnerships with important agents of this sector - allow the company to present a complete set of services and specialized products for the hotel, restaurant and catering businesses, specialized retail and promotions with special focus on increasingly important market niches, such as special hotel or customized catering service.